Happy Lunar New Year of the Ox

Happy are those with some looney OX in them every year

2 min readFeb 13, 2021


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Year after year, I remain such an OX.

Slow, straight, and stupid, a kid can have me outfOXed.

Stubborn and short-sighted, I keep pickling myself like a lOX.

Strong but skill-less, I’m just as useless with a toolbOX.

A devout coward and a wimpy pacifist, the most I do is shadowbOX.

Clueless and thick, I live outside any cash, juke, bread, or tinder bOX.

Dragging OX dung on my feet, I don’t even qualify as unorthodOX.

Begging to be left alone to blurb and burp, I make a crummy chatterbOX.

With a dull and one-track mind, I plow straight through every EquinOX.

No street smarts despite a pair of doc diplomas make me a nerdy paradOX.

Already this far gone, I’ve given up on cute sOX, botOX, or detOX.

I refuse to live a mooing moment of this OXy life by prOXy.

I hop in my hoofs with raging rOXy.

I paint every pasture with mindful mOXie.


Tak C. Poon, MD, PharmD, ABHIM, FACC, Preventive Cardiologist, now developer of a non-profit wellness blog and a habit-forming lifestyle app at www.metacardio.org, and confessor of hard lessons I have learned in life.




TAK POON, MD, PharmD, ABIHM, FACC, U.S. Preventive Cardiologist, now developer of a nonprofit wellness blog and a lifestyle habit-forming app at metacardio.org