How to enjoy extraordinary living with ordinary means

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Life has been even harder for most people now, in this pandemic. There is no better time than now to master a sure-fire way to ensure joy out of nothing, regardless of what happens in life.

Countless millions have benefited from this time-honored activity. Most call it meditation. Some call it a breathing exercise. I consider it an instant mindset reset. It’s akin to rebooting a computer for optimal function by keying Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Then, it’s like magic, and not just while you’re doing it.

If you can breathe, you can do it. All you need is to sit in a…

A poignant “wisdom upper” supplemented by many informative (up-growing) and entertaining (up-waking) links to buried treasures!

If we wise up, the lockup will wind down, and true America will show up.

Making out a wishlist vs. carrying out a checklist — year after year

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How have your New Year resolutions worked out so far? Tired of disappointment, again?

How about making a checklist of “do-ables” that are sure to get done year after year? Using ordinary means, you can achieve extraordinary results and leave no room for excuse or failure.

Few people have exceptional gifts and resources. In this pandemic, and with the other troubles all around this year, we have even less to work with and much more to do.

All of us have ordinary, handy means we can count on. …

An Ultra Brief Biography of Your Super Grand Genealogy

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It has taken the vastness of the Universe with surgical precision and billions of years with split-second timing to make YOU out of stardust, then another couple million years to fine-tune YOU and your DNA into the one and only YOU today.

Now is YOUR turn to make YOUR version of YOURSELF. Your other option is to leave it to random chance, like an asteroid.

You might need more data. But, first…

Summing Up

  1. You are made of stardust, like everyone else.
  2. You are unique, just like everyone else.
  3. You, too, are at the center of the Universe,
    just like everything else.

Happy are those with some looney OX in them every year

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Year after year, I remain such an OX.

Slow, straight, and stupid, a kid can have me outfOXed.

Stubborn and short-sighted, I keep pickling myself like a lOX.

Strong but skill-less, I’m just as useless with a toolbOX.

A devout coward and a wimpy pacifist, the most I do is shadowbOX.

Clueless and thick, I live outside any cash, juke, bread, or tinder bOX.

Dragging OX dung on my feet, I don’t even qualify as unorthodOX.

Begging to be left alone to blurb and burp, I make a crummy chatterbOX.

With a dull and one-track mind, I plow straight through…

Extraordinary learning from something ordinary

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Water is a recurring reference in Lao-Tze’s singular booklet of profound wisdom. If you are in the flow, you are in accord with The Way of all reality (The Tao), and you can accomplish all you need as if you were doing nothing (wu-wei).

Ordinary routines to feel extraordinarily good

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On arrival in Oregon as a freshman international student, I barely spoke the language, did not know a soul, and had little money. A notice at the Student Union said my run-down dorm was closed for another week for repairs.

At that moment, the sweetest angel face appeared with a big, warm smile. “Hi, you must be Tak. I’m Jane, your Host Mother. Come and stay with us for now. My husband and our kids would love to have you.”

Not only did they take me into their home for the week, but they also took me into their hearts…

An ordinary reminder of the extraordinary excellence already in you

A viral pandemic is raging all around us and getting worse. Imagine you are on a ventilator in an ICU, fighting for your life against COVID-19. Or imagine you have been financially wiped out.

Now imagine your normal health has been restored. Or imagine you have been given unlimited new resources to start your life all over. Wouldn’t you be incredibly grateful for such gifts?

In reality, similar miracles happen nonstop right inside you. It takes place in all 50 trillion cells in your body, every moment you are alive. …

Greatness in what we cannot see right in front of us

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An eagle soars. A person below hollers, “Hey, how’s the air up there? Must be nice, huh?” The eagle wonders, “What is air?”

Just hold your breath for a minute and you will experience the vital importance of this invisible thing everywhere. The science of air is amazing. The relationship of air to our life, health and body-mind-spirit wellbeing is intimate.

Today, it is more vital than ever to live extraordinarily with ordinary means. Let us pay just a little attention to what is all around us, and experience the art of living out of thin air.

Invisible and seemingly…


TAK POON, MD, PharmD, ABIHM, FACC, U.S. Preventive Cardiologist, now developer of a nonprofit wellness blog and a lifestyle habit-forming app at

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